Saturday, October 24, 2009

Optimum Anabolics - Day 85/I'm Special

Maybe I'm not but for the next few weeks, my shoulders should feel like they're getting all the attention.


This week I started Jeff Anderson's program
Muscle Specialization Secrets. The purpose of this program is to accelerate gains in a particular muscle group that is stubborn and/or lagging behind the others. If you will, the "red-headed step child" of your muscle structure is what we're after here.

I chose to hit my shoulders since they are in some serious need of expansion. Proportionally (see Adonis Effect), I need to add about 5 inches (!!) to match the waist measurement for my height, and weight. Long story short, I need all the help I can get to make King Atlas look like a twig.

The great thing about the Muscle Specialization Secrets program is that it integrates with whatever training program you are currently using. In my case, of course, this is Optimum Anabolics.


Week 13, Day 1 base workout focuses on the shoulders. Good place to start, huh?

Warmup: Pull Ups, Crunches (with towel under back)

Superset 1:
Shoulders only (see below)

My shoulder specialization superset:

Superset 2: Standing BB Military Presses, Side DB Lateral Raises

Total Time => 25:00


Whoa! The shoulder superset was a lot more difficult than I expected.

My shoulders were completely toast after the specialization set.


Post-workout today turned into an Italian feast. I cooked up Italian sausage with green and red peppers from the farmer's market and served it along side of eggplant and a couple leftover rolls from O'Charley's.

This was a bit of heaven on a plate...